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Welcome to the Progressive Jewish Community of East Anglia.

Attention: this website will be phased out soon! For updated information on news and events, please visit the Norwich Liberal Jewish Community at our new site, We are gradually migrating all relevant content, links, &c. from this site to the new one.

From the Chair - April 2014 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Emily DeVoto   
Monday, 07 April 2014 19:58

We’re still busy since our AGM. I am very sorry to say this is partly because one of our longest standing Members, Charlie Cassell, passed away at the end of March. We are very sad about this. He will certainly be missed.

We had our 24th AGM on the 17th March. When I was preparing my report for the AGM I looked over what we’d done in the past year. I was most pleasantly surprised. I’m still the Chair but we’ve had some changes in Council with a new Treasurer, Venetia Strangways-Booth, whom we welcome, and some other reshuffling. We’ve happily welcomed quite a few new members during the past few months. We plan to continue to welcome more new members.

We want to encourage people to feel at ease, to participate, to communicate, to develop with our community. A community list of members’ phone numbers & email addresses (with their agreement) has been produced and distributed, and will be kept up-to-date, so we can contact each other.We’re using our display boards for photos of Council members and other information, including parking areas and costs. We would also appreciate suggestions about what to put on the boards. We have produced useful booklets, including transliterated song booklets and an ark-opening booklet to enable everyone to join in and be more confident. And of course, our popular newsletter is produced for members and other interested people.

In addition to appointing our new rabbi, Leah Jordan, we've enjoyed lots of member participation and lay leadership in the past year. We’ve had community-led and -organized services and festivals, and in the past year about 50% of our Members and Friends pitched in as volunteers in some way to help our community run more smoothly and enjoyably.

We're also growing into our new identity: We held our 3rd Annual Community (Communication) Meeting in August and agreed our new working name as Norwich Liberal Jewish Community (the business name remains PJCEA for financial purposes). We had our first ever Hanukah Fayre, raising our profile & some money, too! We were surprised at the number of visitors and the amount of money raised. We’re having another one this year.

Our Cheder has blossomed in the past year under the leadership of Rabbi Leah and Annie H. The cheder, which meets monthly, welcomes children of varying knowledge and ages. Several families with children of cheder age have made contact, and parents are very much involved. Parents and children can borrow books to work together between Cheder meetings.

And finally, our new website is nearly ready and we will announce it here.

Some plans for the forthcoming year are:

  • Events to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the PJCEA/Norwich Liberal Jewish Community
  • Community participation and ownership, specifically:
  • Another communication meeting in July with Rabbi Danny Rich
  • Continuing development as a vibrant and welcoming community
  • Arrange new members meetings
  • Improving the Old Meeting House & Peill Room, where we meet outside of services
  • Welcoming Cheder + prospective converts
  • Provision of books to borrow
  • Fundraising – Hanukah Fayre + other events
  • New ideas from the community - I look forward to hearing them!

Sarah Boosey, Chairperson
Norwich Liberal Jewish Community

From the Rabbi - March 2014 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Emily DeVoto   
Tuesday, 11 March 2014 16:16


Dear all,

I wanted to share some words with you from Liberal Judaism and Sam Grant, the Communities Youth Co-ordinator.

Liberal Judaism’s Biennial is fast approaching. The Conference, from May 9th – 11th, brings together members from all our communities and promises to be the highlight of the Liberal Jewish calendar. I wanted to highlight two things:

1)      To encourage you to think about attending Biennial (and speaking with me or the Council about ways to subsidise your trip if need be)

2)      To focus on the social justice campaign Liberal Judaism has taken on this year: the Living Wage Campaign

For the last 100 years labour conditions have been improving in the UK, with Liberal Judaism heavily involved in the struggle. Around us, particularly since the financial crisis, we see food banks and shelters springing up as people are paid too little to live on. Many of our communities have been involved in these efforts. This year Liberal Judaism is engaging with the Living Wage campaign to promote the prophetic and modern values of justice, fairness and equality. Campaigning for a living and fair wage is a realisation of this theme and the values of Liberal Judaism.

The campaign is already in full swing. It’s up to us as a community to see how we get involved. That is why this week we will be doing a Friday evening text study on Living Wage, I will highlight the campaign at Shabbat morning services, and I will be speaking with the Council about possibly pairing with other faith groups in the Norwich community who are currently part of the Campaign for a ‘Pesach Action.’ More discussion to come! Please speak to me about it if interested.

Kol tuv,


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The Old Meeting House is accessible to those with special access needs, although there is no Disabled Access lavatory facilities.  Events held at other venues, particularly members' homes, may not be accessible to those with special access needs, so those with special accessibility needs should check before attending those events.


When services or events are held at the Old Meeting House (OMH), parking is available at the Pay & Display carpark adjacent to the OMH which is accessed from Golden Dog Lane. If you are travelling into Norwich, you may find Park & Ride service better value.

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