How Bucket Crusher Facilitates On-site Recycling


During a building project, construction waste can build up and become a problem to the workers. The conventional methods to remove such wastes can be time consuming and expensive in terms of money. However, small amount of construction wastes can be just removed using wheelbarrows and shovels. If there are huge heaps of wastes, bringing a bucket crusher can be cost effective and efficient. For more see this bucket crusher from

Another costly activity is transporting the waste to a dumpsite or a recycling facility, not to mention the environmental harms that are likely to occur due to heavy trucks ferrying the wastes to and from the construction site. Most of construction waste can be reused if the contractor can process it appropriately, instead of purchasing more aggregates whereas the materials could have been potentially processed and reused.

A bucket crusher that hydraulically powered is efficient and cost effective, and they are commonly used by various contractors. They are of different sizes, with the large ones having the ability to crush over 100 tonnes of material within an hour. Hydraulic excavators can use excavator-mounted attachments, and moreover, larger excavators are commonly used by contractors because they are able to run relatively larger capacity bucket crushers. In case of recycling jobs, large bucket crushers are used together with screening attachments.

Contractors normally identify suitable crushers and the benefits they offer when it comes to crushing materials. Most bucket crusher users include civil construction contractors, recycling operations, demolition contractors, and quarry workers. Utilities contractors are at the forefront to purchase crushed construction waste to place over water or drainage pipes. It is a method of saving money by using waste, which is crushed and screened before it is utilized. Contractors are constantly in need of recycling concrete at construction sites, where they reuse or sale the crushed and screened concrete.

Smaller contractors also make use of bucket crushers to recover concrete materials that could have been dumped away. Although several countries have put forward laws to encourage recycling construction wastes, it is of more benefit to the contractors because they can reduce costs. Cutting down costs of materials during construction reflects a viable business due to higher profits.

Most of the excavators are one man operation, and you just need to attach the bucket crusher to the excavator. It is ideal for onsite crushing of static materials, and will offer eventual benefits of cost and time saving. The crusher-machine utilizes hydraulic system of an excavator to which it is attached.

The benefits of using bucket crusher are many including the following;

  • Saving money on transport and slanting nearby trees
  • It is the easiest method to recycle construction waste such as concrete
  • It doesn’t block flow of materials because it designed for such reinforced concrete and asphalt
  • Capable of crushing tens or hundreds of tonnes in an hour, depending on the size of the crusher

If you are contractor, specialised in building and construction, consider hiring or buying a bucket crusher to save money by recycling construction wastes.