Hr Case Management Software – Staff Cornerstone

The hr case management software helps the organization to manage its employers inquires and request more confidentially. The software simplifies this process for the employee and HR teams by assisting the employee to submit their forms or request which in return they are automatically routed directly to the right HR agent. The technology provides a simple way in which the HR manages the application and in a transparent manner. Here is the reason why a company should have HR case management software.


Having an Hr case management software makes it easy to automate the workflow ensuring the employee submit their requests and they are routed to the authorized and right person. This means if the claim is about payslip or payroll the specific application is sent directly to the payroll specialist. Automation of employee’s requests helps the HR to manage staff needs from open-ended questions to conventional forms efficiently.

It also increases the efficiency of the organization and offers satisfaction to the employees since their cases are resolved faster and more accurate.


The hr case management software is a perfect way or reducing the numbers of inquiries sent and received by HR. The knowledgebase “Tier 0” only means that employees have the power to get and use the information they need from the system instead of contacting the HR. It gives them the ability to search the system for an article and learn how the suggested form is presented for examples when it comes to paying advance the company policy on pay advance and the forms to be filled are available in the system.

Knowledgebase technology needs to be contextual meaning the forms and articles should be relevant to the employee and deal with the actual company. This kind of personalization and the ability to get information on self-service manner makes the employees feel appreciated.


Hr case management software provides the employee with a high expectation of privacy and transparency and also provides them with a consumer-grade experience. The system gives both the HR agent and the employee away from monitoring their requests and forms, the progress and if their case need has been fulfilled.


HR case management software enables the employee and the HR agent to involve other people in the case if it needs cooperation. It helps to track communication between the employees and the employer making it easy to collaborate and resolve inquiries, issues, and request.

The hr case management software gives an organization the power and tools to manage employee needs most effectively and efficiently.