How To Keep Your Luxury Bed Linen Spotlessly Clean And Spruce Up The Bedroom

You can only create your own exclusive sleep sanctuary with the beauty and elegance provided by the warm and eye catching luxury bed linen, better yet when they are spotlessly clean. Well laundered luxurious duvet covers, sheets and pillows, pillowcases and throws will spruce your bedroom and give you the most wonderful and truly relaxing night’s sleep imaginable.

Giving the best care to your luxury bed linen begins as soon as they arrive at your doorsteps. However how inviting your luxury bed linen may be when you first unpack them from your supplier, you have to resist the temptation of taking them directly to your bed before cleaning them. This is rather disappointing, but it will ensure that your luxury bed linen stay intact for years to come.

Here are tips on how to launder and care for your luxury bed linen

  1. How to wash luxury bed linen

Start by sorting your linens as per their colours. Load the washing machine with just the right load so as not to damage the bed linens made from fibres that are long and stable. Always use warm water with gentle washing detergents before giving it a cold rinse. Avoid using hot water as it can make you bed linen shrink.

Once you load the washing machine with bed linen, give it adequate time to fill up and start agitating before adding any bleach or washing detergent. Avoid using excessive or strong detergent as it weakens and shorten the useful life of your luxury bed linen. Remove the linen promptly as soon as the washing is complete so as avoid the linen from wrinkling.

  1. How to dry the luxury bed linen

Whenever possible use a dryer to dry the bed linen or drying on a cloth line will equally give the same result if you can’t access a dryer. Avoid drying on direct sunlight or using excessively warm heat as it can damage the luxury bed linen. Lastly promptly remove them once they are dry so as not to get wrinkled.

  1. Ironing and storing luxury bed linen

Give your luxury bed linen the smoothest finish by ironing them with an excellent iron especially when it is still damp. Store the bed linen in a place that it won’t come in contact with wood to avoid being discoloured.

Spotlessly clean luxury linen is guaranteed to transform your bedroom into a beautiful and a peaceful haven.